What we do

We develop a specialised form of residential accommodation we call StudioHomes. The model provides affordable rent for our tenants as well as strong rental returns for Clarke Group and investors.

Taking a strategic, sustainable approach to property development, Clarke Group partners with investors to create affordable furnished studio accommodation in key areas. We use a proven business model and innovative processes to sustainably develop quality housing that gives good tenants a place to call their own.

How does it work?

Investing with Clarke Group

Clarke Group typically partners with investors in each residential studio development. This provides investors with an attractive passive fully managed above market level rental return. Please contact us to learn more.

Creating studio Accommodation

Our furnished studio accommodation is strategically placed to meet a real need and take advantage of key infrastructure. Clarke Group manages the planning, construction, and property management of each one, to ensure that every project is completed to a high standard, and maintained long-term.

Generating Long-term returns

All of our projects are designed to work financially and provide stable rental returns for the long term. Occupancy generally runs between 90-100% on each property.

What does it mean for...


Financial freedom, from the returns generated by a sound, proven business model.


Access to affordable, quality accommodation within the community in which they work.


A reduction in the number of people without quality housing, and an improved sense of community.

Clarke Group StudioHomes are proven to be a sound property investment.

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