What kind of property do you build?

We specialise in developing quality long-term rental accommodation – studio apartments in a secure managed environment.

Who manages the accommodation?

All our properties are managed by our specialist property management company, StudioHomes. Find out more about StudioHomes at StudioHomes.nz

How do Clarke Group mitigate risks?

One of our biggest strengths is our dedication to continuously improving systems and processes, particularly in the risk mitigation space. Every project is assessed for risk, and all potential issues are mitigated as far as possible. Having developed hundreds of units, we understand the risks involved (and how to reduce them), and are upfront and transparent with investors from the beginning.

How are the locations selected?

When looking at where to place our developments, we consider several aspects including:

  • The physical nature and cost of the land

  • Proximity to key infrastructure and amenities, transport, hospitals, shopping etc.

  • Whether it will solve a need, such as when there is a large employer nearby without enough quality accommodation

How do investors generate returns?

Returns come from the rental income generated by tenants living in our studio accommodations, creating ongoing cashflow income.

Who rents the studio homes?

A variety of people. Because we choose our locations based on there being big employers (such as hospitals) nearby, they are often people who work locally. Renters benefit from having an affordable, safe, and modern place to live.

Why do you develop studio accommodation?

Because it works – after developing hundreds of units and generating strong yields for our investors, we know that our studio accommodation model meets market demand, and will serve us well into the future.

Are investments liquid?

Our focus is on long-term developments. As an investor, your benefit comes from ongoing cashflow, as opposed to short term capital gains, and so investments are not generally liquid apart from in exceptional circumstances.

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