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Rosella studios

An investor’s dream

6 titles / 46 studios

This complex comprises 46 studios consisting of six titles of 7-8 bedroom dwellings. The complex borders the Middlemore Hospital grounds. Completed in 2015, it serves the accommodation needs of Middlemore Hospital staff, who can access the site through a secure gate connecting the two properties.

The story of Rosella Studios

The Rosella Studios sit in a prime location on a neighbouring property to Middlemore Hospital. We were very fortunate to secure this holding with a Joint Venture Investor. Our studios were and still are a natural fit for this locale, due to such a high demand for rental accommodation from the hospital.

Convenience and quality

Rosella Studios was fully-tenanted in less than six weeks, with the complex occupied with staff from the hospital. The ease in which these tenants can access their place of work through a gate between the hospital and the complex gave it a unique advantage over surrounding rental properties. The fully-furnished nature of the studios, the completely secure complex, and the communal environment also provided key selling points, offering tenants peace of mind and a comfortable residence.

The success of Rosella comes down to three things:
its location, our processes, and the high quality that we hold all our projects too.
Proving once again that safe, affordable, low-maintenance studio accommodation close to key infrastructure will always be in demand.

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