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Chapel Studios

Great location, great returns

15 titles / 75 studios

This comprehensive development contains 15 units each on their own title, with 75 studios in total. The site has been strategically selected to serve the East-Auckland rental market. It is located within close proximity of Botany Junction and the Botany Big Box Shopping Centre.

Eastern region appeal

Clarke Group had long been keen to develop the Residential Studio model in the Eastern Suburbs of Auckland. We chose this land on Chapel Road due to its strategic proximity to infrastructure and employment.

The demand for affordable rental accommodation in this region is immediate, with low vacancy rates and increasing demand. The Clarke Group model represents the natural solution to market requirements, this can be seen by the already growing wait-list of potential tenants StudioHomes have on their database.

Following our development dream

The Chapel Studios design was the first of its nature for Clarke Group. We invested in a legal expert well versed in resource management law to assist in getting the unique design through the consenting process.

Much of the challenge came in the decision to use horizontal titling, with titles stacked on top of each other. As one of our first three storey developments, we are able to offer 50 percent more accommodation than our previous developments and generate the benefits from a slightly higher density.

Persistency and determination were what it took.
We knew we had a winning product and we fought to get our vision on the market.
Finally, approval was granted to obtain our trophy –
and we look forward to letting you hold it with us.

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